Your Personalized Care and Guidance

Shoulder Treatment


Quality Care Made Specifically for you and your needs

Benefit from our vitalizing treatments that address both structural and functional ailments.  You will experience the evolution of your body transition from dysfunction to optimal functional performance.  With over 10 years of experience, our practitioners provide you with current, innovative, and effective treatments for efficiency in your results. Services utilize the practices of both chiropractic treatments with soft tissue modalities.



New Motivation to Fitness

Each of our patients benefit from learning proper techniques of strength, flexibility, and endurance improvement through our specialized functional movement exercises.  Focus on fundamentals allows the body to adapt faster and benefit at an exponential capacity.

Physical Therapist


Single-person treatment sessions to allow for full attention and details towards your treatment.  Our sessions involve dynamic techniques for restorative care through our specific neurological, orthopedic, and functional procedures for addressing your optimal functional needs. 

Your AIM Doctors address each case individually to ensure your care and treatment with us is suited for your specific health and wellness needs.  Your session serves to address acute or chronic injuries of all varieties, with the goal for resolving the injury and achieving your optimal functionality .



NormaTec and HyperIce Therapies

Recovery methods used after long periods of activities either through your daily lives or sports, proper utilization of therapeutic modalities for recovery will set you up for success to tackle your next activity! 

Talk with our AIM Doctors to provide you with the right track in recovery for your personal health and fitness goals!