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Why We are more than Just Your "Cracking of Backs and Necks" Chiropractors.

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

The general understanding of chiropractic is that chiropractors "crack" your back and neck. Mechanically, yes, the majority of chiropractors adjust your spine (back and neck) as their sole and only means of care. In our office, well....we do things a little bit differently.

Recognizing the importance of mechanical means of care (which is the physical adjusting of your spine), we also use two very distinct additional approaches to our patient's treatments: 1. Soft Tissue Modalities (Graston and Cupping Techniques) and 2. Neuro-muscular Corrective Exercises.

Why we involve more than just the spinal adjustment?


Our body is a multi-dimensional entity when it comes to optimal functional movement and recovery. Both internally as well as externally, our body possesses several physiological systems so that you are successful at completing your tasks throughout the day from brushing your teeth in the morning to laying back down in your bed at night. However, as life has proven, this world gives us many ways to hurt ourselves, either knowingly or unknowingly. Our bodies are incredible organisms that, in many cases, we either do not feel the pain immediately or we are self-sufficient enough to compensate through posture or movements so that putting on our shoes, for example, will minimize the pain we have in our knee, in or back, in our shoulder, etc.

Let's explore this concept further: How our office addresses all the body in a cohesive and comprehensive manner.

The human body moves in 3 different planes: forwards-backward, side to side, and rotates along an axis. Internally, our movements are directly implicated by 3 systems: 1. Neurological System 2. Musculoskeletal System and 3. Lymphatic System.

Our Doctor's knowledge and experiences create a treatment approach involving all three movement planes and physiological systems of the body with the goal of optimizing your functionality.

That is why our session times have options ranging from 20 - 45 min. In which, conversely, the majority of other chiropractic office visits are ONLY 5 minutes or less. Therefore, our treatment visits are at least 4x longer than a typical chiropractic office's session.

What does that look like for you.

A typical visit with us can involve one of, or a combination of, 1. Adjustments, 2. Graston & Cupping treatments, and 3. Corrective functional movement exercises. All of which focuses on several regions of the body with the goal of optimizing your body's functionality.

Each session successfully gradually removes excess inflammation and improves joint and muscle integrity, all resulting in overall improvement of your internal and external health.

Unlike other doctor offices, you have the freedom to chat with us about any of your body parts' injuries, concerns, et. And all without the hassle of getting a referral from another practitioner.

Streamlining health is how one successfully overcomes even the most challenging of health conditions. Hence why your AIM Doctors go beyond the expectations of many patients due to our comprehensive approach treatments as well as all of our services we offer for each condition and health goals. Your AIM Doctors have knowledge in injuries, in rehab, in fitness, and in internal conditions. And furthermore, even if our office is not equipped with that specific solution, we have the knowledge and resources to find you a practitioner who will be helpful. Which is another way to streamline your health and fitness, eliminating days to weeks of not knowing who to turn to or where to go.

Our expertise and specialty is functional movement: which entails injury rehabilitation, structural alignments, functional improvements, and inflammation management.

With the knowledge to know if the condition or injury belongs in the hands of a different specialist.

We love working on all conditions, from typical back, neck, shoulder, etc. pain to chronic ailments and discomforts, too, also, unique conditions that other doctors are unfamiliar with or unable to help you with.

One of the most amazing things about our AIM Members is that many of you understand or quickly learn that you do not have to live in such misery and discomfort. In fact, you can live pain-free, you can live with more energy, you can live with optimal mobility and stability while doing all of your fun activities.

Our passion comes from our mission to you, your family, and our community, which is breaking barriers within your own health and fitness through our unique signature systems. And it's shown best when we get to help patients who have seen "every doctor" or "tried everything" with no improvement....until they get to see us.

So, yes, it is VERY possible to overcome even some of the most challenging injuries and conditions when placed in the right treatment protocols and guidance.

Please share this article with your friends and families to get a better understanding of what AIM Chiropractic & Fitness is about: not your typical chiropractic office. Adjustments is just one of many services we offer. We specialize in the body's movement fundamentals and how to help it so that you can break barriers within your own health and fitness, allowing you to feel the best you might have ever imagine!

Confidently You. Confidently Better!




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