Truth Behind Functional Fitness

We each define strength differently; strength in muscle capabilities, strength in mentality, or strength in our involvement with our surrounding community. Strength should never be depicted as a single entity, because it has shown that strength comes in all sizes, experiences, and interests.

AIM Chiropractic & Fitness understands that your optimal strength is what’s embedded within each of our members. And when you unlock that strength, your potential is endless, your goals can and will be met, and you will become more than you could ever imagine. Physiologically, strength is found when all of your nerves that communicate to your muscles properly create a structure (your

skeletal system) that is sound, stable, and reliable.

This understanding is a fundamental make up of our own physiology. Our nervous system communicates to and controls everything within our body: including muscles, bones, our circulatory system, and our organs. Therefore, our practice has a great focus on functional movement: which is the hybrid and attention to both your neurology and your musculoskeletal system in terms of optimally coordinating the communication between the two major systems. We, as humans, all need to get from one point to the other through our best means possible. When your nervous system is facilitated correctly for optimal signaling to your musculoskeletal system, your movement patterns become optimized and much more effective.

When you wish to obtain quality of movement, it requires improved strength in the appropriate fundamental measures as well as improved flexibility in the complementary areas of our body’s structural framework.

Resulting in greater capacity to execute your daily activities of life: such as sitting, standing, getting out of cars, carrying objects (like groceries and kids), as well as participating in your favorite physical activities like sports and/or weekend adventures.

Functional fitness is such a large umbrella, that our society may have lost it’s appropriate definition in translation. True functional fitness is provided when your body is treated or trained on a neuromuscular level in which there is a sound understanding of proper anatomy, it’s mechanisms, and how each component works together as one unit. Functional activities require fundamentals in your baseline as a moving object. When your neurology fires in coordinated fashion signaling the appropriate muscles to activate, the appropriate joints to move smoothly, and for the recruitment of a higher efficiency of those muscle fibers, your movement becomes much more effective, therefore, your output, such as calorie burn, recovery time, improved strength, flexibility, and endurance reaches exponential levels.

AIM Chiropractic & Fitness is your expert for addressing, resolving, and maintaining your functional and fundamental movement needs.

Functional and Fundamental credentials of AIM C&F Providers also include: Functional Movement Systems (FMS), Selective Movement Assessment (SFMA), Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC), along with their Doctorate degrees.