BULLET-PROOF MIND & BODY: Resilience is the Key to Success

Light is one of the most fascinating phenomenon on this Earth. There isn’t a light frequency that can not penetrate a solid matter.

With such a dark year we have had, know that there will always be something to overcome it and create light!

This article is to help us regain our sense of control, realize we are capable of defeating something as vast in existence as the COVID pandemic, and that we are here to help one another by lifting each other up through such a dark time.

Fear-based media, much more prolific these days, cultivates a general mentality of despair, hopelessness, and thinking we are helpless people. But know that we are each given opportunities to make decisions on our own, educate our selves, and equip our selves to make sound decisions that we know will be best for oneself and our families.

Education: What is the Immune System?

This year we’ve learned a lot about Coronavirus-19, but have we learned more about our own defensive system, our immune system? Not with mainstream media, we haven't. Because why not talk about something that gives every single person hope during such a very trying time.

What is immunity and what is the immune system?

Our immune system is made up of several key players. First there is our skin, which is the largest organ of the body. The skin is our first line of defense followed by our bone marrow, our mucosal sacs of our tonsils and colon, our lymph nodes, our respiratory system, and our spleen.

Each organ plays their own role as well as roles to complement the other, creating a very impressive defense against unwanted substances entering our body.

Your Internal Security System: $0/month

Let's dive a bit deeper into the actual mechanics of this incredible immune system we each are blessed with.

Skin – Vitamins that are fat-soluble such as Vit D is a huge role in helping us get our D-FENCE way up and productive. Even though Vitamin D is not directly for skin's health, it is responsible for supplying the body with the active form of Vitamin D, Vit. D3, from the sun to the rest of our body.

Vit. D3, once entered into our body, stimulates a cascade of events to create immune defensive substances. Essentially, the active form of the vitamin stimulates the release of particular antigens and antibodies to start patrolling our body for unwanted substances.

Lungs – Exercise helps keep our lungs strong and working miraculously to bring good air in and bad air out. Anatomically, the small little vessels within our lungs, the bronchi, are responsible for trapping unwanted material from entering further into our body. When acting properly, the bronchi trap the bad guys, and then through our lymph mechanisms, the bad guys are filtered out of our body. That is why in some severe cases of COVID-19, there is reports of fibrosis of the lungs, which is damage of the lungs leaving scar tissue. Not good!

How to prevent that directly. You guessed it, exercise. When we exercise, we are exercising our lungs. We are training our lungs how to take in the good air all while getting out the bad air under demanding conditions. So with consistent exercise, your lungs build a tolerance to filtering out unwanted material.

Bone Marrow - the "cushion" found within our bones. Immensely powerful stuff! The bone marrow, in terms of our immune system, is responsible for creating and distributing our immune cells: our soldiers that go out into our blood stream to patrol, track, and then attack anything that is a threat to our wellbeing.

Weight training is one of THE best ways to help support our bones! With proper training techniques, efficiency in the training, will allow your bones to be strong, which means your bone marrow will want to continue to fight for you.

Mucus Membranes – Our tonsils (which consist of 3 different types) are responsible for trapping unwanted material. Hence “sore throats” can occur when the bad guys invade our throats and set up camp. However, optimally working tonsils pretty much have the same mechanism as our bronchi (lung) friend. The tonsils also will trap the bad guys and then stimulate removal of them through our lymph nodes and other excretory measures.

I’m telling you, these are things WE JUST DON’T THINK ABOUT. But your body is an AMAZING organism that is working all of the time, so that you can successfully make your next Zoom meeting.

And lastly, let’s mention our Lymph Nodes. They are found ALL OVER our body. However, there are bundles found in specific locations. Common areas are, 1. side of our throat, 2. armpits, and 3. groin area.

These nodes are like Venus flytrap-pers(??...sorry, I'm not a botanist). Our nodes trap and collect all the bad things found in our body. Not flies of course, but they are the temporary jails of all the bad things patrolled and transported for the eventual removal from our body.

With lymph nodes intact, our unwanted guests definitely not passing go or collecting $200!

So with ALL of these soldiers working together, our body creates a very impressive internal form of a security system.

Immunity is a living entity that resides in our body. It can be weakened or strengthen through our decisions in health and fitness.

Which brings up the second point of optimizing our immunity:

Preparation in Supplementation, Exercise, and Diet.

We have to feed our immune system well and treat it well, not once, not twice, but each day of the week. This daily task will not be so daunting when efficiency is brought into the equation. Efficiency in supplementing, in exercising, and in our diet. The majority of our society thinks extreme approaches are needed to be "healthier", but that only leads to failure. That is why the health and fitness industry in worth billions. People want results now...or better yet...yesterday. That JUST is not reality.

We only have one body, so by taking care of the important things, such as our immune system can help lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

So how do we optimize that innate protection we each have and give it he best chance at fighting off something that we can not control?

Defense wins Championships!

During the winter months, illnesses spike for several reasons. The most obvious reason, which COVID-19 exposed, is the uncleanliness and unhygienic practices people seem to display. Hopefully, the 3 months of learning how to wash our hands, has brought some of us up to speed with what we are all trying to accomplish next year.

2021...get here already!

The example provided below will only make sense to us Atlanta residents.

One of the many characteristics of Atlanta is it's renowned display of superior drivers.....


Many of us heard of the term, "defensive driving": always on the ready for any unexpected occurrences portrayed by the aggressive, reckless, or unaware drivers.

For example, these reckless drivers are those that zig-zag through traffic at 108 mph, or conversely those driving 42 mph in the third lane breaking every time the wind hits their windshield, or those drivers who must think everyone has telepathic abilities since they never bother to use their signal light while turning in any direction....oh, and at the last minute.

Defensive drivers have the best chance at surviving the streets and highways of Atlanta, since you will be most prepared to protect your safety from the uncontrollable factors.

Basically, the same goes for the unwanted organisms entering our bodies or surroundings (cold, flu, covid) , we can't control their desire to be in our space, but we can control how well we prepare ourselves if it were to enter our space.

So defense is the key to our success. With our defense mechanism heightened, which is our immune system, we will have the BEST CHANCE at fighting off these illnesses.

The media has done a great job at instructing us on how to wash our hands, how to wear a mask, how to avoid large gatherings, etc. All external factors.

Where more information has been lacking from our general news is the information to help fight off these illnesses innately. We each are blessed with self-defensive mechanisms, described above, in which can save and has saved many lives.

Optimizing our immune system through factors that we can control reside in preparation in my mind and preparation in our body. It isn’t news that exercise, eating right, plenty of sleep and water is a key to success.

This form of optimizing our immune system is found in efficiency in your exercise routines, diet, and supplementation. You will find a faster and more reliable outcome with this approach.

Efficiency results from preparation. Preparation against illnesses starts when you are healthy, not when you are sick. Like with fitness, you get the most out of your training when you are feeling at your best. Not when you are sluggish, tired, or sick. Your immune system will appreciate your efforts if you prepare it while feeling at your best.

Being consistent in your healthy habit routines will allow your diet and your supplements to work better for you.

Also, this can not be stressed enough!!! Taking “all of the supplements” recommended by all of the professionals is highly discouraged.

This creates an overload to our system, which eventually leads to the rejection of majority of the beneficial nutrients intended for the body.

(*We have an article specially for this topic for reference.)

Solution for navigating the many available recommended supplements is consult your trusted professionals. We can guide you and create a regime of supplements so that you are 1. Not overloading your body and 2. Saving A LOT of money since the appropriate amount of supplements taken will actually be accepted by your body and not wasted.

Both of your AIM doctors, are avid supplement takers, and have been for over 8 years. We are here to share our knowledge and our expertise with supplementing, especially during this time of the year with you, by providing high-quality supplements for each of our AIM members!

Our office is now a proud supplier of Standard Process Products, which are organic, non-GMO, plant-base supplements. Standard Process creates an array of supplements available to help many conditions as well as health and fitness needs/goals. We carry a particular set in the office, or we can order directly for you to get in the office, or you can get them ordered to you directly! (*For direct delivery, just ask us for your personalized code to get online directly)

For immunity support and boosting, here is a list of some of the supplements we personally take as well as provided to our patients:

- Vit. D3

- Vit. C

- Immuplex

- Zinc

- Echinacea

- Calcium

At your next appointment, ask us about it or we will tell you about it in more detail as well help pick out the right supplements for you!

If you’ve never supplemented before, start with us.

If you are a pro-supplemented, consult with us.

If you just like saying D-FENCE (clap, clap)…D-FENCE (clap, clap), we will join in that chant and then help you with your supplementation.

Let's finish 2020 stronger than we started!!!

Confidently You, Confidently Better!

Best Regards,

Dr. Steph

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