Train Smart with AIM C&F

Whether you've been our patient or you are someone interested in proper functional training and programming; our functional exercises are meant for improved flexibility, enhanced strengthening, and heightened endurance!

  • Made for all levels of fitness and experience

  • Can be used for:

    • Rehab​

    • Fitness Maintenance

    • Sports Performance Enhancement

Your Trainer's Credentials:

Dr. Smith is a former Div. I and Professional Soccer Athlete.


After retiring from professional sports, Dr. Smith took her interest and experiences to become a Doctor in Chiropractic all while earning her Master's in Sports Medicine.

Her own experiences and knowledge created a passion and desire to master human functional movement for optimal performance in daily tasks and athletic endeavors.

  • Dr. Smith has over 10 years of experiences in:

    • Functional Movement Systems and Kettlebell Certifications.

  • This additional knowledge and expertise coupled with her extensive knowledge in anatomy and kinetics ensure for your workout and programming to be highly efficient, effective, and appropriate for your needs and continued improvements.


Looking for One-on-One Guidance for your Training?

Those looking for specific guidance and tailor workouts from our online fitness and/or rehab training protocols, look no further! 

Learn more below about having our AIM Doctors consult and program your monthly workout/corrective exercise program!